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Our Approach

The Peer Learning Hub supports projects with scalable, sustainable and impactful business development tools. An initiative of ILO Enterprises projects in Asia-Pacific, the activity-based, peer learning programmes are being used across the region to promote sustainable enterprises of all types and sizes.

Promoting sustainable enterprises

The promotion of sustainable businesses is at the heart of the ILO Decent Work Agenda, which hinges on job creation, rights at work, social protection and social dialogue. The ILO helps individuals and organizations obtain, improve and retain the skills and knowledge they need to develop sustainable enterprises for innovation, growth, and better jobs. This kind of development benefits everyone in the present and future, without harming the environment. 

For more information about the ILO ENTERPRISES work at the global level, click here

Our approach to build sustainable enterprises


Work takes place in a social environment. Why should training be any different? Guided by a human-centered approach, learning with our tools happens collaboratively among peers where people share their unique insights and experiences, drive engagement with the thematic material and feel more invested in their lifelong learning journey.


Our learning experiences are built for action. Participants engage in a variety of group activities and exercises such as brainstorming, discussion and reflection and learn from real work-based scenarios and examples. Activity-based learning is designed for immediate use and direct impact on the world of work. This not only makes training more relevant to participants, but ensures both individuals and enterprises benefit from the programmes.


The ILO's activity-based, peer learning programmes are suited to organizations and individuals that are looking to improve enterprises’ capacity and competitiveness through interventions that have a lasting impact. The ILO approach provides enterprises with a set of unique and simple training tools to respond to rapidly changing business needs.

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