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Factory Improvement Toolset (FIT)

A sustainable, scalable approach to factory upgrading, FIT supports garment manufacturers to improve productivity and working conditions by upgrading production systems and factory practices.

Responding to the needs of factories

FIT can be utilized as a stand-alone toolset or to complement other training programmes to build operational and technical skills and capacity of factories. The toolset was designed to be used by factory teams consisting of managers, supervisors and workers to encourage continuous improvement and drive action. With more than 70 available tools to choose from, factories can customize a programme that suits their needs. See the new "HR and People-Skills" online modules below!

Built on internationally recognized approaches

FIT builds on internationally recognized approaches such as lean manufacturing and 5S. The methodology enables manufacturers to reach more personnel than a conventional training, whilst minimizing interference to production realities. The easy-to-use methodology makes it possible to rapidly scale for larger cohorts of trainees across multiple production facilities.

pilot countries

FIT is currently being piloted in 5 countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Pakistan.

million workers

working in the Asian garment sector

FIT modules

available for garment factories and workers

available languages

FIT modules are currently available in Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Khmer, Urdu, Vietnamese and Thai.

Supporting factories for the long-run

FIT modules comes with complimentary materials that can be implemented in factories day-to-day operations in an accessible and practical way. Download the Annexes section to maximise FIT trainings potential.

What gets measured gets done

Guidance materials are available on how to best measure the impact and success of FIT trainings. Effectively monitoring the FIT process allows you to fully experience the impact of trainings and ways forward for your workplace. For complete monitoring tools, download from the Supporting Materials section.

Getting started

Get started by downloading the list of modules, indicators and best practices for a comprehensive overview of FIT trainings. These guidance materials, including the "How to use FIT tools flowchart", will help you plan the training process and where to get started. Please note that the modules are divided into 4 sections below: Introduction, Production, Support Services, and Working Conditions.

Factory Improvement Toolset (FIT)

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Normally higher management did not interact with us, but now, because of the FIT, we easily interact with them. Through this, we now have a chance to discuss our problems
Factory Improvement Toolset (FIT)
Worker (Store In-Charge)
The FIT programme was important for us because it highlighted the problems from the workers’ side. Now, workers, supervisors and management are all discussing at one table, and choosing the best solution.
Factory Improvement Toolset (FIT)
Store Room Manager
It is different from other programs because there are case studies to review. You know that they can actually do it with their factory workers.
Factory Improvement Toolset (FIT)
Senior Manager
International Brand

FIT is being piloted in Asia under the regional Decent Work in the Garment Sector Supply Chains in Asia project funded by the Government of Sweden.