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An innovative training program to develop practical skills in order to increase productivity and competitiveness as well as support Employer and Business Membership Organizations increase their relevance and value to members. The In Business tools are developed through a collaboration between the ILO's Enterprises Department and the Bureau for Employers Activities (ACT/EMP).  

Upskilling women workers at scale in STEM sectors

Supported by J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, the ILO’s In Business soft skills training programme is an initiative of the ILO Women in STEM Programme that aims to improve critical soft skills among women workers in the STEM sector to expand their career prospects.

Variety in experiences of individuals leads to a “diversity of thinking” which is increasingly seen as critical for fostering innovation, creativity and making an enterprise competitive.

Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP)

Preparing SMEs to access finance

Supported by the World Bank funded SME Access to Finance Program in Lao PDR, the ILO’s In Business package for SMEs prepares enterprises with business management and financial planning support needed to access finance with assistance of BDS Providers.

Transforming the way we learn

Given readily available conferencing technology, participants can now follow lesson content wherever they are using the ILO’s newly adapted learning tools and continue to interact and engage with each other via virtual platforms.

women workers trained

across relevant industries in Southeast Asia

line managers reported

positive changes among their subordinates at work that credit to the ILO In Business soft skills development programme


engaged in Lao PDR


improved their understanding of business planning

enterprises provided access

through membership with licensed EBMOs

providers trained

to deliver the program across 5 countries

In Business

“For Employer and Business Membership Organizations or private enterprises interested in learning more about

the In Business program, contact actemp-bkk@ilo.org

This programme is different. It focuses on soft skills to enable innovation, like creativity, problem-solving and teamwork. We see it in the results - in the attititude, motivation, self-confidence, and in our production performance.
In Business
Jeff Nygard
Executive Vice-President, Products and Technology Seagate
By implementing what they’ve learned from the training, workers are able to figure out the root cause of a problem and find a solution by themselves without me.
In Business
Supranee Walaisri
STEM Supervisor, In Business Soft Skills Facilitator
I am 100% confident now… With a loan from the bank, we would be able to buy more machines and increase our capacity to produce.
In Business
Linda Vadimay
SME Trading Manager, In Business SME participant
Delivering quality services to members is one of the key value-added of employer and business membership organizations and few organizations are more qualified to provide businesses with such services. In Business is a natural complement to the services and assistance provided by EBMOs.
In Business
Roland Moya
Director General of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP)