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1,800 future business leaders celebrate Cambodia Entrepreneurship Day 2020 online

Oct 19, 2020

Starting in 2017, the ILO-supported Cambodia Entrepreneurship Days are usually held in person, with thousands of young people from across the country gathered for business trainings and group sessions. As COVID-19 restrictions impeded an in-person celebration, the event took place online, where participants could fully interact and engage in training sessions through livestream. For the first time, young people across Cambodia could learn entrepreneurship skills and share business ideas at their fingertips.


Participants were taught through the ILO Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) programme, which is participant driven and teaches key entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance. Prior to CED2020 on September 21, participants spent weeks on their smart phones or laptops, completing self-guided preparatory worksheets, taking part in online small group exercises using Google Meet, and developing business plans as groups for submission to a national competition, all while building relationships with fellow young entrepreneurs. Finally, on the event day, participants joined a livestreaming event on Facebook, where they watched speeches by senior officials and two young entrepreneurs and voted to choose the best business ideas.

 “This is a new experience for us. We did everything online, joined an entrepreneurship session, held group discussions and developed business ideas together. It was quite challenging at the beginning, but our team managed to solve things properly. In addition, we have gained a better understanding of entrepreneurship knowledge and market research". Ty Sao Da, a youth participant of CED2020

The event saw the importance of adapting business trainings digitally, while encouraging young people to pursue their business aspirations and teaching them the crucial tools to do so. More than 70 per cent of participants indicated that through the CED2020 process they have become interested in starting their own businesses.


Young people are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, thus supporting their business and entrepreneurial futures is more important than ever. Finding new and adaptable ways to develop business skills in Cambodia and across the Asia-Pacific is pivotal for a better future of work.


The ILO will continue to work with Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), Khmer Enterprise, the Government of Japan and other partners to keep promoting entrepreneurship and further develop business skills for Cambodian youth.


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Organized by 


               International Labour Organization                 Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Supported by


                                   Khmer Enterprise                           ILO/Japan Fund for Building Society                            

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