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C-BED pilots online entrepreneurship lessons with youth

Jul 28, 2020

With traditional learning engagements at a standstill, the need for accessible entrepreneurship and business training is particularly important as learning opportunities shift online.   

In April, the ILO began offering its C-BED learning tools to interested youth in Cambodia, Thailand and Canada. C-BED, which stands for Community-based Enterprise Development, is the ILO’s peer-to-peer, activity-based programme for budding entrepreneurs and existing small business owners. One of the longest-running learning programmes of its kind, C-BED supports skills development and empowerment in local communities - supporting improvements in livelihoods, productivity and working conditions. 

To date, 15 sessions have been delivered online using popular video-conferencing tools (e.g. Zoom) among groups of 5 to 7 participants. The highly collaborative and hands-on nature of the learning sessions remains a key aspect of the training approach and what participants tend to get most out of the trainings. With more C-BED modules becoming available online, the ILO’s entrepreneurship programme continues to fulfill its original purpose of bringing enterprise training to anyone, anywhere. 

C-BED offers four learning streams for those interested in offering self-facilitated sessions:  Orientation to Entrepreneurs (OE), Aspiring Entrepreneurs (AE), Basic Financial Literacy (BFL) and Small Business Operators (SBO). 

Login to the Peer Learning for Enterprises Hub to see what’s available or get in touch with us for more information on holding your own learning sessions in-person or online. 

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