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Learning entrepreneurship and the environment with young Cambodians

Dec 10, 2020

On 4th-6th of November, 18 finalists and volunteers from Cambodia Entrepreneurship Day 2020 travelled to Phnom Penh for a study tour where they learned about entrepreneurship, participated in an environmental workshop and attended the awarding ceremony.

The tour was joined by fifteen finalists, and three volunteers who supervised them to develop business ideas for the Cambodia Entrepreneurship Day 2020 (CED2020) business competition, which took place in September 2020 and over 1,800 young people joined to celebrate. The three-day tour is in commemoration for their business ideas being selected from a pool of more than 300 proposals.


The youth winners gained a number of inspiring experiences to pursue their entrepreneurial careers. They visited Khmer Enterprise, a sponsor for CED2020, for a lively discussion with fellow youth entrepreneurs. At Impact Hub, a collective striving to support entrepreneurs in all aspects of building a business, the tour was able to observe a live entrepreneurship event about how young entrepreneurs can start new businesses.


At Compost City, a compost start-up aiming to improve waste management in the city, the young Cambodians participated in an environmental workshop. It became clear that sustainability is key for business and the planet.


Finally, finalists attended the awarding ceremony for CED2020 at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), where they received commendation on their business proposals.


“We gained better understanding on business development. As a next step, we will try to find a mentor, visit existing farms to learn about agricultural business, and start piloting our business plan” said HYDROPONIC team.


The three-day tour gave young Cambodians from across the country an opportunity to visit Phnom Penh and experience the entrepreneurial community, learn entrepreneurship hands-on and celebrate their hard work. By staying inspired and motivated, it is clear they have a bright future ahead.


The study tour was organised by the ILO and MoEYS with support from Khmer Enterprise, Government of Japan, and in collaboration with Impact Hub Phnom Penh and Compost City.


To find out more about ILO’s ongoing work with enterprises in the Asia-Pacific, click here.


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